Marbled Fabrics & Accessories

Marjorie Lee Bevis - Fabric Marbling Artist

Marjorie Bevis creates her unique and dazzling marbled fabrics in her home studio, then takes them to consumer and trade shows where prospective buyers see, admire and buy. Her wide array of custom marbled fabrics makes them irresistible to anyone who loves fabric. Marbled designs are all originals, since no two can be exactly alike.

"I began dyeing fabric, because I couldn't find all the colors I wanted to use in my quilts," says Marjorie. "I took a dyeing class and experimented with marbling for one day. For me, that was it. I've never stopped marbling. I started part-time in 1986 as an extension of my quiltmaking."

Though Marjorie had a full-time job away from home and was busy raising two children on her own, she spent 25 to 30 hours a week dying fabric and marbling. Her first professional move was to rent booth space at quilt shows to sell her fabric. "Before long," explains Marjorie, "I found myself spending increasing hours in my studio designing and marbling more fabric. After four and a half years of juggling my outside job and home business, I quit my day job and founded my business, Marbled Fabric & Accessories."

Today, Marjorie averages 30 hours a week marbling, but during busy times, she spends as much as 90 hours per week washing, dyeing, marbling, ironing and packaging fabric. Fond though she is of quiltmaking, Marjorie acknowledges that marbling is truly her favorite. "I often find myself thinking how lucky I am to be doing something I love," she says.

"Creative freedom is what I enjoy most," says Marjorie of her career. "Creating new patterns and colors provides endless satisfaction. She continues, "Dyeing and marbling suits my personality. I am independent, work hard and like making my own rules. My ability to work long hours if necessary and my desire to continually create new patterns and products are my strengths."

Marjorie's heartfelt advice to others? "Choose a part of the quilting and textile industry you love dearly, because you will spend a lot of time with it. Research your market. Learn who will buy your product, and always keep trying to develop something new."